Densely Planted Aquarium

Densely Planted Aquarium

This large aquarium grows very tall plants but at the time photograph was taken layout still needed more to develop foreground planting hornwort ceratophylum demersum low tech aquarium plants planted tank maintenance freshwater tank lighting this very nice clear and colorful tank is owned by geert hoogeveen it seen from the correct viewing angle on picture below you can see that

6 Months Later This Was How The Tank Looked Its Looking A Little Overgrown We Continued To Trim Plants Add Root Tabs And Do Regular Water Changes

Low Tech Planted Tank


Jim S 90g Planted Tank No It Not Salt

A Lushly Planted Low Tech Tank By John Chang With Mix Of Easier And Slightly Harder Plant Species Good Understanding What Makes Work

Planted Tank 101 The Definitive 2hr Aquarist

Very Dense Tank After 3 Weeks Away For Overseas Ignment

Very Dense Tank After 3 Weeks Away For Overseas Ignment

Jungle Style Aquarium

The Jungle Style Aquarium Aquascaping Love

Foxtail Red Myriophyllum Heterophyllum Fish Fry Saver

Foxtail Red Myriophyllum Heterophyllum Live Aquarium Plant

Planted Betta Tank

Betta Planted Tank

My Simple 1 5ft Planted Aquarium Setup

The Top 6 Species For Planted Tank

The Top 6 Species For Planted Tank Ratemyfishtank


Plants Archives

This Very Nice Clear And Colorful Tank Is Owned By Geert Hoogeveen It Seen From The Correct Viewing Angle On Picture Below You Can See That

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Low Tech And Planted Tank Biotope One

Dutch Aquarium Aquascape 1

Dutch Aquarium Aquascape A Style From The 1930s Aquascaping Love

The Good And Bad But Not Ugly

The Planted Discus Aquarium

This Truly Is About A Low Tech As Tank Can Get We Don T Add Anything Else To The Like Co2 Or Leaf Zone

Low Tech Planted Tank

Best Planted Tank Substrate

7 Best Planted Tank Substrate Top Picks 2018 With Reviews

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Planted Guppy Aquarium

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Re scaping of my planted aquarium steemit plants archives 7 best planted tank substrate top picks 2018 with reviews freshwater aquarium plant care substrate ferts co2 lighting plants archives

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